Why Are My Beats So Quiet? – Most Common Reasons & Fixes!

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Beats headphones have become a popular choice for many over recent years, thanks in part to their amazing sound quality, massive product (and price) range, and superior compatibility with Apple products like the iPhone.

This compatibility is on par with that of Apple’s own AirPods, and it’s because they both share the H1 processing chip that affords smooth synchronization and usage across Apple devices.

But, just like with AirPods, a common problem that many Beats users have been experiencing is a distinct lack of volume from their headphones or earbuds.

In this article, I’ll take a look at the reasons why your Beats are so quiet, and what you can do to fix them.

Why Your Beats are So Quiet

There are many reasons why your Beats might sound quiet, and not all of them are as obvious as you might think.

First off, the most likely reason for your Beats sounding so quiet is actually not a technical issue at all, but a cleanliness one. That’s right, headphones or earbuds that have become so dirty that the small internal speakers are blocked can suffer from severely reduced volume. It sounds bad,  but a good thorough cleaning will solve this problem in no time.

Next up you have all the technical problems that can occur when using wireless devices. If your Beats are connected to your device via an unstable Bluetooth connection, audio quality and range will be limited, resulting in your Beats sounding quieter and worse overall. A simple reset should solve this issue, which we’ll discuss later.

Similarly, Bluetooth connections, even stable ones, can interfere with your device’s volume calibration. There’s a neat trick to resetting this, which only takes a couple of minutes.

And of course, there’s always the possibility that your device has accessibility or safety features enabled which actively limit the volume output.

It’s unlikely that you’ve turned these settings on accidentally, but if you acquired your device second-hand, or are borrowing it from someone, these features may be turned on and limit your experience. We’ll show you how to access and change these settings a little later in the article.

Finally, there are all the other inconspicuous things that you might not give a second thought to. A low battery can affect audio quality and volume, EQ settings on your device may not be optimally set for volume, or your Beats might need a simple firmware upgrade.

How to Fix Beats Headphones/Earbuds That Are Too Quiet

Note: There are many different models of Beats headphones, some of which have more reports of poor volume output than others. This article will take an overview of all Beats headphones/earbuds and offer general advice and fixes that should work across all models.

Clean Your Beats

Let’s start with the most common problem – dirty earphones! This problem is a little gross, but don’t be embarrassed. Everyone produces earwax, and we’re all guilty of not keeping up with cleaning our devices as often as we should!

In fact, you might not even have thought that dirty headphones could affect the audio output as much as it does. When wax builds up, not only does it clog up the small speaker meshes in the headphones, but it also attracts dust and dirt, which sticks to it and makes the blockage worse.

Once you’ve properly cleaned your Beats, you’ll hear a night and day difference from before they were cleaned!

For an in-depth cleaning guide, check out this article that I wrote, covering the same issue for AirPod users.

Reset Your Beats

Sometimes, the Bluetooth signal that your Beats use to communicate with your device can become corrupted, either from other wireless devices nearby, or just from being connected for so long that interruptions have weakened the connection.

A weak Bluetooth link between your headphones and your device means poor connectivity, which in turn means reduced audio output, both in sonic quality and decibel volume.

Resetting your Beats will clear out any minor errors or glitches in the headphones’ software, and establish a new, stable connection when you re-pair them.

Before we get into how to carry out a reset, it’s pertinent to mention again just how many different Beats models there are and that the exact process you need to carry out to reset your Beats may be different from the one outlined below.

For full reset information on different models of Beats earbuds, check out this page, or to learn how to pair different models of Beats earbuds, check out this article.

For an example, I’ll walk you through how to reset a pair of PowerBeats Pros, as they’re a popular model. The reset process is similar for all Beats headphones, and normally involves pressing and holding a system/power button.

Here’s how to reset your PowerBeats Pro:

  • Place both earbuds in the case and leave it open
  • Press and hold the System button for 15 seconds
  • The LED indicator should then flash red and white
  • Release the System button
  • The LED indicator should now flash white, to indicate that your PowerBeats Pro are now in pairing mode.

Re-pair your Beats with your device and see if the volume has increased.

Recalibrate Bluetooth Volume

If you’re often pairing and unpairing your device with different accessories such as headphones, speakers, and computers, the volume settings may become inconsistent across all these devices. This could be why your headphones suddenly seem so quiet.

To counteract this, you can recalibrate your Bluetooth volume so that it remains constant when you connect to a new or different device.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Connect your Beats to your iPhone and play some music
  • Turn the volume all the way down until you can’t hear anything
  • Open your Bluetooth settings and disconnect your Beats. Don’t forget them – just turn off your Bluetooth.
  • Keep playing music from your device with the volume at zero. If your device volume increased when you disconnected your Beats, turn it all the way back down again
  • Turn your Bluetooth back on and reconnect your Beats, then turn the volume up

Hopefully, your Beats will now be louder!

Change Accessibility Settings

Normally, one of the first three fixes listed in this article will solve your problem, and 9 times out of 10, it’s dirty headphones!

However, if you’re still struggling to increase the volume of your Beats, it’s time to delve into the settings on your device and see if anything can be tweaked. As Beats are most commonly used with Apple devices, these fixes will pertain to an iPhone.

Headphone Safety Settings

iPhones are equipped with a whole host of settings to improve the user experience, but many feel the hearing safety features can be a bit overzealous.

To see if it was your phone limiting your Beats volume all alone, head to Settings > Sound & Haptics > Headphone Safety.

If Reduce Loud Sounds is on, toggle it off and see if that increases your Beats’ volume.

EQ Settings

Another setting to investigate is the EQ, which stands for equalizer. The settings in this menu allow you to tweak the EQ response, which will adjust the lows, mids, and highs to improve how your music sounds.

Although not an official volume-boosting setting, many users swear by the ‘Late Night’ EQ setting for an increase in volume.

The Beats App/Beats Settings

There is a Beats app available on Google Play Store, to allow Android users a similar level of control and customization over their Beats as iPhone users have. There is no Beats headphones app on the Apple store, as all the features available on it are built into the latest version of iOS.

Within this app/these settings, you can change what your Beats headphones do when you press and/or hold the side buttons on the actual earbuds themselves (not applicable to all models).

If you change Press and Hold Functionality to modify volume control, you can use the button on the side of the earbuds to increase or decrease volume. In some cases, this volume control works independently of your device’s Bluetooth volume, allowing you to increase your headphone’s volume to your desired level.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a few different options available to try if you’re faced with this annoying problem. Beats are great headphones, with incredible sound quality and ease of use, so it’s a shame when you can’t enjoy them properly!

Some extra tips if you’re still struggling with this problem: keep within range of your device! Going out of Bluetooth range (approx. 30 feet/10 meters) will limit audio quality and volume.

Keep your Beats charged! Low battery will have a similar effect on your headphones – they’ll stop working properly, and one of the first things to go will be, again, audio quality and volume!

And finally, make sure you’re up to date with firmware! Good luck!

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