Static Noise / Buzzing in Beats Headphones / Earbuds? (Fix!)

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Beats have become one of the most popular choices for wireless headphones and earbuds thanks to their amazing studio sound quality, durability, and easy compatibility with Apple products, thanks to the H1 processing chip. Since their initial release in 2006, they have continued to rise in popularity.

But, like all electronic products, AirPods included, they are not entirely perfect. A common issue with Beats earbuds and headphones is a buzzing or static noise interrupting normal audio. Some users describe the sound as a ‘white noise’ or even a whistling, and it seems to be affecting different Beats models, including the Beats Studio Buds, Beats Pro, and PowerBeats Pro.

Some users experience this annoyance all the time; others, only when their Beats headphones are in ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) or Transparency mode.

Either way, it’s a problem, so let’s take a look at what might be causing this issue, and some things you can do to fix it!

Why Your Beats Headphones are Making a Static/Buzzing Noise

First, let’s start by looking at all the possible causes.

Poor Bluetooth Connection

This is the most likely reason for poor audio when using wireless headphones like Beats or AirPods. Sometimes, the Bluetooth connection that is established between the headphones and the device is weak, or may intermittently fail.

This can cause a whole host of playback problems including crackling audio, random pausing, low volume, and total disconnection.

Active Noise Cancellation

Features like ANC are great for a more immersive listening experience and to shut out possible interruptions.

The way they work is by using external microphones located on the outward-facing portion of the headphone or earbud to actively listen for any sounds that may leak through. Your Beats headphones will then actively block or cancel out these noises so you don’t hear a thing, except the music or podcast that you’re listening to.

However, when a feature like this malfunctions, it can cause significant problems that will greatly interfere with your listening!

Transparency Mode

Much like ANC, Transparency mode is another feature that can improve how you use and wear your headphones in day-to-day life.

In terms of its function, however, Transparency mode is pretty much the opposite of ANC. Again, the external mics will listen for sound from the outside world, but instead of actively blocking that noise out, your Beats will allow it through, so you can hear what’s going on around you.

This is ideal if you wear your headphones in a work environment, at the gym, or even just on a busy high street, as it allows you to listen out for someone trying to get your attention, or anything that might put you in danger.

Out-of-Date Firmware

As always with any electronic device, the latest software/firmware must always be installed to ensure proper functioning and the elimination of bugs and glitches. Beats are no different! They run on firmware much the same way as AirPods, or how your iPhone periodically updates iOS to keep everything running smoothly.

You can check your firmware is up to date and give your Beats the time they need to catch up if they’re on an old version – I’ll explain how later in the article.

Inadequate Charge

Although this is unlikely to cause major audio issues, letting your Beats headphones or earbuds run all the way down to the last dregs of their battery supply can adversely affect audio quality.

While it’s more likely that your Beats will just unexpectedly die, a slight buzzing or staticky sound could be explained by your headphones running low on power.

Dirty Headphones

If your headphones are dirty, debris such as earwax, lint, and dust can block up the tiny microphones and vibrate when you listen to anything – music or podcasts.

These tiny vibrations will sound like a buzzing, static, or ringing sound. So you might just need to give your headphones a clean to solve the problem!

How to Fix Buzzing/Static Noise from Beats Headphones/Earbuds

Now let’s look at how we can solve this issue! We’ll start with the fixes that are most likely to solve your issue.

Reset Beats Headphones

The easiest and often the most effective way to solve any audio issues when it comes to wireless headphones is a simple reset.

As there are so many different models of Beats headphones and earbuds out there, it’s probably best you just head to this page and find your exact model.

Don’t worry – the reset process is very simple and normally involves holding one or more buttons down for a few seconds.

For example, here’s how to reset a pair of PowerBeats Pro:

  • Put both earbuds in the case and leave it open
  • Press and hold the System button for 15 seconds
  • The LED indicator should flash red and white
  • Release the System button
  • Your PowerBeats Pro are now reset and ready to be paired with your device

See, that wasn’t too hard!

Re-Pair for ANC and Transparency Mode Issues

If resetting has remedied the buzzing noise, that’s great! But if you’re still having issues, especially when using ANC or Transparency mode, try out this trick. This fix is for Beats Studio Buds, but similar steps may work on other models.

Make sure ANC or Transparency Mode are turned off. Next, turn off your device’s Bluetooth, and place your Studio Buds in their case. Close the lid of the case and leave everything for 5 – 10 minutes.

Then simply turn your Bluetooth back on and reconnect your Beats Studio Buds. Surprisingly, this simple trick has worked for many users!

Update Beats Firmware

The next thing to check is to make sure you’re running the latest version of Firmware available for your Beats.

To check which version you currently have, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Open Bluetooth
  • Tap the Information (i) next to your Beats headphones/earbuds
  • The series of numbers and/or letters next to Version is your current firmware version
  • Check online what the latest firmware version is for your exact model of Beats

Now you know if you’re up to date or not! If you are, move on to the next steps if you’re still getting static issues.

If not, it’s time to update your Beats!

Now, like AirPods, Beats should update automatically when they’re in range of your iPhone which is connected to WiFi. To ‘force’ them to update, you can recreate this situation fairly easily. Here’s how:

  • Make sure your Beats headphones/earbuds are connected to your iPhone
  • Place them in the case (if applicable) with the lid open, and leave them near your WiFi-connected iPhone for at least 30 minutes

That’s it! Your Beats will update automatically.

Clean Your Headphones

You should aim to keep your headphones clean, no matter if they’re Beats, AirPods, or otherwise, but it’s especially important with earbuds.

Earwax will clog the tiny holes in the speaker mesh and coat the silicone tips (gross, I know!), and then it’s much easier for dust and lint to get stuck in there.

Over-ear and on-ear headphones aren’t as problematic, but can still benefit from a regular wipe-down.

Here’s how to effectively and safely clean a pair of Beats earbuds/headphones.

  • Use a dry, lint-free cloth for any part of the earphones with delicate meshes or grilles
  • Remove silicone eartips and/or padded ear cushions
  • Wipe tips and cushions with a lightly dampened cloth
  • Never poke or prod in between meshes. Use a cotton bud lightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe

Charge Your Headphones

This one is as simple as it sounds. If you’ve noticed the buzzing occurs mainly when your Beats are low on power, remember to charge them more often!

If your beats seem to lose power too fast or the case isn’t holding charge, or indeed if the buzzing noise cannot be remedied by any of these fixes, then you may have a genuinely malfunctioning set.

The best thing to do in this situation is to contact Apple.

Final Thoughts

Even though that buzzing might sound like the end of the world (or your precious Beats headphones, anyway) when it begins, it’s usually easier to fix than you think.

As always, resetting and updating are key concepts to keep in mind when it comes to tech like this. Firmware is more important than most people realize, and it never hurts to power cycle something!

Good luck!

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