Music Strive was created keeping in mind all the budding musicians who are constantly striving to become a better musician.

Our team comprises of passionate musicians with years of experience with their respective instruments. Our team members are from all across the globe, including places like:

  • Denver, United States
  • East London, South Africa
  • York, United Kingdom
  • Melbourne, Australia

Music has no linguistic boundaries, and it can be considered as an entire language by itself, and that’s what reflects in our diverse team of music experts situated all across the globe.

Here’s a bit more about some of us:

Ross McLeod

Ross McLeod is a multi-instrumentalist based in York, United Kingdom. He’s the vocalist and bass player of ‘The Blue Dawns’, with whom he’s released several albums. He has plenty of recording and music production experience as well.

He’s currently involved with a new project called ‘Gold Jacket’.

He actually started with the drums, and has equal mastery when it comes to the guitar, bass and piano. Ross can be regularly seen with drum machines, looper pedals, a vocal mic and a guitar – making him a versatile one-man band. Here’s such a solo performance:

Ross has an immense passion for gear, and has tested almost every majorly popular pedals, amps and pickups. He covers most of the guitar and bass gear for us here on Music Strive.

Richard Clyborne

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Richard had a passion for music from all the way back in his early teenage years. Apart from playing the guitar, he’s also into music production.

He’s recorded in some of the most prominent studios of the Denver area, including Side 3 Studios and CCM Recording Studios.

He’s toured all across the country with his alt rock band. At the start of his musical career, he was a very active busker in downtown Denver. He wanted to pursue his passion of music full-time, so side jobs didn’t seem that much appealing.

He’s currently involved in several projects, and regularly learning new things. He finds the time to share those on Music Strive.

Brett Clur

Brett is still in his early 20’s, and yet his extensive drumming knowledge has led him to teach students at 3 different educational institutions in his hometown of East London, South Africa.

Brett not only has extensive fundamental knowledge about drumming, he’s also quite enthusiastic when it comes to drumming gear. When it comes to covering drumming tips and gear, Brett does it almost single-handedly for Music Strive.

He’s also pretty active on Instagram, where he regularly shares his drumming videos. Here’s Brett in action:

In Conclusion

We’re always looking for suggestions and feedback to take Music Strive forward. If you notice any factual or other inaccuracies in our content, please let us know using this contact form.