(Fix) Vizio TV Sound Problems – No Sound, Volume Not Working etc.

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Many users are very happy with their Vizio smart TVs. They’re easy to use and affordable. In the age of streaming services, it’s also great to have all of your apps in one place, ready to watch.

However, these TVs are known to come with the occasional software bug. Many users report experiencing sound problems from time to time.

If you notice that your Vizio TV’s sound is not working, don’t worry. The solution is usually pretty simple and quick. Follow the steps below to resolve your TV’s audio issues.

If your Vizio TV has no sound, first check that the TV isn’t muted, the volume is up and the speakers are connected. Next, you can try soft resetting the system by unplugging the TV for 60 seconds. This usually solves it, but if not, check for software updates. And as a last resort, try factory resetting your TV.

Check the Volume Level, Mute, and Speaker Power

If your Vizio smart TV has no sound, there are some quick fixes you should check that you might have overlooked. They might seem obvious, but they can be easy to forget in the moment and it’s good to make sure your settings are correct before trying other solutions.

First, check to be sure that your TV is not muted. Find the button on your TV remote that says “Mute” and try clicking this to see if it restores the sound. If not, make sure you click the button again to unmute before moving on to the next step.

Next, double-check that the volume level isn’t at zero. Even if you don’t remember turning the volume down, someone else in your home could have done it or it could be a system bug. Click the plus sign on the volume control buttons on your remote until the volume is at the level that you usually prefer.

If your TV is not muted and the volume setting is turned up but you still hear no sound, the problem could be with your speaker’s connection to the TV. Depending on what type of speakers you own, this step can vary.

For HDMI-connected speakers, check that the cable is plugged in securely on both ends and the wire isn’t torn or damaged. If you have a wireless Bluetooth speaker, check that the Bluetooth receiver is plugged in all the way.

You can also check that the audio is turned on for your TV. This is different from muting or volume settings. First, click the “Menu” button on your TV remote and select “‘Audio Settings” from the menu. Here you should be able to see if the audio and speaker are turned on or off.

If you check all of these quick fixes and still aren’t sure what is causing your audio problems, continue on to the next step to try rebooting your TV’s system.

Reboot Your TV by Unplugging

When your Vizio TV’s volume is not working but it is not muted or disconnected from power, there’s no need to panic. Before you call a customer support line or pay for a costly repair, try this very simple solution.

Although it is so easy and seems obvious, simply unplugging your Vizio TV and plugging it back in again will fix the issue in most cases. This is because it often comes down to a small system bug that can be quickly resolved when the system resets.

To make sure that the system resets properly and smooths out the bug, you need to keep the TV unplugged for a full 60 seconds at least. If you rush through this step, it will not work so it’s important to be patient.

After leaving the TV disconnected from power for at least 60 seconds, plug it back in and turn the TV on. For most Vizio TV owners who find that their audio isn’t working, the problem is fixed when the TV turns back on after a reboot.

It is important to note that unplugging the TV to fully disconnect it from power is important here. It is not enough to just turn it off with the remote controller as this will not reboot the system in the same way.

Check for a Software Update

Another potential reason for the sound not working on your Vizio TV could be out-of-date software. If your system is not fully up to date this has been known to cause audio problems.

Even if resetting your TV in the first step solved the sound problem initially, you should check for software updates anyway. Especially if you notice upon further use that the sound problem reoccurs. If you need to reboot your TV each time, or very frequently, to get the sound working, it is probably due to outdated software.

Usually, Vizio smart TVs update automatically, but to be sure, you can check manually using your TV remote. Click the “V” button on your remote and select “System” from the menu that is presented. From here, select “Check for Updates”. This should show you whether or not your system is up to date with the latest version.

If there is an update here, select it to download and install it manually. This will reboot your TV. After the TV is finished updating the software, check to see if the sound is working again. If not, you can move on to the next suggestion.

Try a Factory Reset

If none of the past solutions have fixed the sound on your Vizio TV, you can try a factory reset as a last resort. This is not the most convenient option, which is why I would only recommend trying this if none of the above have helped.

When you do a factory reset on your TV, it will go back to exactly how it was when you purchased it. This means all of your saved preferences, settings, and apps will be deleted. You will then need to reconfigure your TV to your liking.

However, if you are desperate enough to get the sound working again it could be worth the inconvenience. To factory reset your TV, start by clicking the “Menu” button on your remote. From here choose “System” and then “Reset & Admin”. Here you should see “Reset to Factory Defaults”. Select this to initiate the factory reset.

There is a good chance that this will fix whatever was causing your sound problems. If not you will probably need to call in professional help, as described in the next section.

Call Vizio Support

If none of the solutions above have fixed the sound on your TV, it is probably time to call a professional to sort out the problem. It is best to contact Vizio directly, as they should be able to either fix the problem or replace the broken tv or speaker.

You can contact Vizio support by texting 205-301-3729, live-chatting with support on their website, or by calling 844-254-8087 from the US or Canada.

Final Thoughts

When the sound on your Vizio TV is not working, the solution is more often than not quite simple. If the solutions above don’t fix your problem, call Vizio’s customer support to hopefully resolve the problem.

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