Is Polk a Good Audio Brand? Are Polk Speakers Worth Buying?

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Poke around any second-hand market online, and you’re sure to find a pair of vintage Polk Monitor 7 speakers for sale.

There’s a good reason for this: despite having been produced in the 1970s, they are still around and producing exceptional sound. (Can confirm — I proudly rock Monitor 7s at home.)

Indeed, the Monitor 7 series of loudspeakers was Polk Audio’s first hit and still enjoys a cult following. Fifty years later, the company is a trusted name in home sound and is still innovating.

So, is Polk a good audio brand? For sure. Are Polk speakers worth buying? Sound is always a deeply personal choice; but yes, Polk speakers are worthy candidates.

Most Popular Polk Speakers

These best-selling bookshelf speakers are also among the most affordable Polk Audio speakers you can find right now. And that's for a good reason!

A Fond Origin Story

Like all good American entrepreneurial narratives, Polk Audio started in someone’s garage. Well, technically, the components were built at a community woodworking shop because co-founders Matthew Polk and George Klopfer didn’t even have a garage.

Their idea was to build quality speakers that were affordable for the average citizen. Their first clients organized bluegrass festivals and grew weary of the cost of constantly having to rent sound systems.

From there, local bands took notice, and before long, what started as a boutique operation by a couple of audiophiles turned commercial in scale. (See the aforementioned Monitor 7 series.)

Today, Polk Audio offers a wide range of sound solutions from bookshelf and floor speakers; to soundbars and subwoofers; to auto, garden, and marine speakers. Lately, their built-in speakers have caught the eyes (and ears) of home theater enthusiasts around the world.

Quality vs. Cost

The driving force behind Polk’s business has always been and continues to be the desire to offer quality sound at accessible price points. At the risk of sounding like a Polk salesperson, this is indeed where they shine.

That said, audiophiles with extremely high standards would do well to shop the market with an equally high budget.

For the rest of us who just want to enjoy good sound without breaking the bank, Polk offers well-balanced, detailed speakers for just about every budget.

Not satisfied to simply maintain the status quo, Polk engineers are equally dedicated to innovation.

Their Stereo Dimensional Array technology minimizes the interaural crosstalk effect that can occur when your left ear and right ear hear sound at different times, making for a more realistic soundstage.

Their proprietary PowerPort bass technology minimizes port noise for crisp lows. (To be sure, these are just a couple examples of new tech coming out of their labs.)

Furthermore, their speakers are well-designed, easy-to-use, and reliable. Factor in outstanding customer service and a generous return policy, and you can see why Polks are worthy of your consideration.

Play the Hits

For a more detailed look at Polk’s speakers, here are some of the favorites amongst audiophiles …

Monitor Series

You can certainly buy the vintage ones; but Polk is still producing their Monitor series and they are still popular. Available in bookshelf, floorstanding or center channel models, these speakers are relatively easy on the wallet in comparison to some of their other, higher-end speakers.

Owners report a well-balanced overall sound with high-frequency detail and full lows.

Signature and Signature Elite

Polk’s Signature series were considered perfect for their price point by many audiophiles. You can still pick up the S60 floorstanding model for less than $500.

Building on the success of the Signature series, Polk has released its Signature Elite series, boasting premium performance and feel. And the audio community has responded well, with many reporting that you won’t find a better speaker in this price range.

You can pick up the ES60 for a little bit more than its Signature series counterpart to enjoy superior balance, natural mids, and punchy lows.

Entry Level: TSi Series

If these price points are making you queasy, try Polk’s entry-level TSi series. A fine pair of bookshelf models will only set you back a couple of hundred dollars. Polk is known for its mid-range frequency performance, but you may miss out on a full bass experience with these models.

Top Tier: Legend Series

Polk’s highest-end speakers offer premium sound and premium prices. Just one bookshelf speaker from the Legend series will set you back about $500, while an entire platinum Legend series system retails for more than $9,000.

Is it worth it? Only the most discerning audiophiles with the most refined ears can tell …

Final Thoughts

The Polk Audio brand has built its reputation on offering quality products at accessible prices. To this day, it is their specialty, and Polk enthusiasts will defend their favorite speakers to the end.

Can you get better speakers? If you want to spend the money, you certainly can. But can you get better speakers at entry and mid-level prices? Probably not.

In the end, Polk speakers are definitely worth an audition.

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