Guitar Center Shipping – Average Time, Cost & Other Policies!

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If you’re a dedicated musician, you know the value of a reliable and safe means of obtaining new instruments. Guitar Center is a well-known and popular store for guitars and many other types of instruments, but if you’re ordering online, you might have a few questions.

Read on to find out the answers to all of these queries.

How Long Does Guitar Center Shipping Take?

Guitar Center states on their official website that most orders placed before 3pm ET will be shipped the same day.

The average shipping window for orders placed with standard ground shipping is 2 – 5 business days – if ordered before 3pm ET.

The average delivery time for an item ordered from the Guitar Center website with standard 2-day shipping is 2 – 3 business days.

2 days if ordered before 5pm ET, 3 days if ordered after 5pm ET.

Orders Placed on or Before Weekends with 2-Day Shipping

For orders placed on weekends, or wherein shipping will occur over the weekend, you can expect delivery times to be a little longer. An order placed on Friday, before 5pm ET, can be expected to be delivered on Tuesday.

After 5pm ET on a Friday, or anytime on Saturday or Sunday, expect your delivery on Wednesday.

The last day and time to order for delivery the same week is before 5pm ET on a Wednesday – for this time, expect delivery on Friday.

Next-Day Shipping

Guitar Center also offers a next-day shipping solution. Again, this is contingent on order time. An order placed before 5pm ET can be expected to arrive the next working day.

If ordering a product shipped from a store, next day delivery can only be guaranteed if the order is placed before 2pm local time.

Orders Placed on or Before Weekends with Next-Day Shipping

Orders placed on a Thursday after 5pm ET and before 5pm ET on a Friday will not be delivered until the following Monday.

Orders placed after 5pm ET on a Friday, or at any time over the weekend, will not be delivered until the following Tuesday.

Where Does Guitar Center Ship From?

Most new orders ship directly from Guitar Center’s centrally located warehouse in Kansas, so you can expect this to influence the timeframe of your delivery based on your location.

How Much Does Guitar Center Shipping Cost?

Guitar Center standard ground shipping is free in the contiguous United States! Orders to Hawaii and Alaska, and overseas territories or military bases must be sent by air freight and, therefore will cost more, and are limited by weight. Orders over 70 lbs (27kg) cannot be shipped to the above locations.

Free shipping is not extended to international orders, overweight packages, special orders, in-store used or clearance products.

2-Day and Next-Day Shipping Costs

The prices for expedited delivery vary depending on the weight of the product ordered and the destination zone.

To get an estimate of the price you can expect to pay for expedited delivery, add products to your online basket, enter your delivery information and continue to checkout. This will provide an estimate of the approximate shipping cost of your selected items to your location.

Weekend Delivery

Items ordered with free standard ground shipping will not be delivered on weekends. However, expedited deliveries have an option for Saturday delivery for an additional $30 fee. Saturday delivery is limited to areas where UPS offers the service and is subject to size and weight restrictions.

Orders for Saturday delivery must be placed by telephone and before 12pm on the preceding Friday.

Does Guitar Center Ship to Home and Store?

All the above information in this article pertains to shipping an item directly to your residence. So yes, Guitar Center does ship to your home!

Guitar Center also offers the option to ship items to a nearby store so you can collect your item at your convenience.

To access this option, add items to your cart and continue to the checkout as normal. Here you can select the option to Ship to Store. A search box will provide you with the option to search for the store location you desire.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Guitar Center offers a range of shipping options to suit the varying needs of its customers. Free standard shipping (with its restrictions) is a great service to be able to offer, and if you’re planning on making an order I would suggest taking advantage of this, as we all know how expensive musical gear can be!

If you place your order early enough, you can benefit from free shipping and perhaps only wait 3 days or so.

Of course, if you need something short notice, or aren’t going to be at home on the day of delivery, thankfully there are other options in place.

Happy shopping!

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