Guitar Center Lessons Review – Is It Good? (2023 Prices)

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Every day, countless people decide that they want to start learning how to play guitar. But the question is always, “Where do you start?”

Fortunately, it has never been easier to learn how to play guitar. Guitar Center is among the many resources available to beginners.

In this Guitar Center lessons review, we’ll take a look at how much lessons at Guitar Center cost, what to expect, and some potential alternatives.

How Much Are Guitar Lessons at Guitar Center?

Guitar Center offers two types of lessons: Express and Standard. Express lessons are 30 minutes, while Standard lessons are 60 minutes.

Lessons are also grouped into sets of four. In other words, you are paying for four lessons at a time.

Lessons are paid for upfront each month. There is also a one-off $30 registration fee, up from $20.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a standardized price across all Guitar Center locations. Prices vary slightly from area to area, and certain areas are going to be cheaper or more expensive than others.

There is also no quick way to compare prices. You have to go to the Guitar Center lessons page and enter your zip code to find out the price for lessons.

It seems that online and in-store lessons are also the same price. As for the price, Express lessons are $100+ and Standard lessons are $200+.

Major city areas also seem to be quite a bit more expensive. I compared a Richmond, VA zip code with a Los Angeles, CA zip code.

Express Lessons:

  • Richmond – $109
  • Los Angeles – $125

Standard Lessons:

  • Richmond – $219
  • Los Angeles – $250

Booking a Lesson

As I mentioned, you have to go to the lessons page on Guitar Center’s website to find out the price. This is also where you can book or contact regarding lessons.

Once on the lessons page, you simply have to answer a few questions about your lessons. You will first select your instrument, then whether you want in-store or online lessons.

You will then be asked which days you are available for lessons, followed by a time of day. You then enter your zip code to find the nearest store.

You will then be greeted with a list of all the available instructors and their locations. Each instructor has a short bio to give you a little bit of an idea of their personality.

You can then either book lessons right away or contact an instructor if you have any further questions.

What to Expect from Lessons?

Instructors at Guitar Center aren’t just talented musicians that have been playing for a few years. Guitar Center does extensive background checks on all of their instructors to ensure that they are qualified.

Many of the instructors even have advanced degrees from respected music schools. They are also friendly and personable, giving students a comfortable and stress-free learning experience.

Lessons also follow a standardized curriculum. This is to ensure steady, visible progress to keep students motivated and enthusiastic to learn.

This also means that every Guitar Center store follows the same curriculum. If, for whatever reason, you decide to continue lessons at a different store, you can easily pick up from where you left off.

Other Alternatives

Even though Guitar Center offers high-quality lessons, they are still quite expensive. Of course, you are getting what you pay for, but not everyone is able to afford these lessons.

Before settling on Guitar Center’s guitar lessons, you should ask around about any private guitar teachers in your area. Find out about other people’s experiences and what they paid.

Chances are you can find a great teacher in your area for less. You should be able to find lessons for as little as $30 – $40 per 60-minute lesson.

And if you are looking for online lessons, there are plenty of great services. Guitar Tricks is a great service, and offers a 14-day free trial so that you can try them before you start paying. Services like Riffhard are also great because they let you learn directly from some of your favorite guitarists.

These services are far cheaper than both Guitar Center and private lessons. Monthly memberships can cost as little as $19, while even yearly memberships are less than $200.

They also usually allow much more freedom regarding scheduling. You can also learn at your own pace.

Before Settling on Guitar Lessons

Before you commit to taking lessons with someone, make sure they are a good fit for you. Make sure that the instructor knows what you want to learn and your goals.

Also, make sure that you like their personality as this will ensure you enjoy being taught by them. If possible, try to have two or three trial lessons before committing to full-time lessons.


Learning to play guitar is easier than ever. Guitar Center is just one of the many options available to both new and experienced players to help them advance on their guitar journey.

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