How Much Does Sam Ash Pay for Used Gear? (Trade-in Value)

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Do you have some spare pedals lying around that you don’t use anymore? Do you want to clear out some space in your studio and maybe make a few extra bucks while you’re at it?

Then Sam Ash is the right place for you. Take all of that old gear and sell it at your local Sam Ash store.

How to Sell Your Gear

When it comes to finding out how much Sam Ash will offer you for your gear, you have two options. You can either take the gear to one of their many stores across the US or fill in a form on their website.


The online form is certainly the more convenient method. This way, you don’t have to drive to a store just to be offered an amount you might not be happy with.

The form is quite extensive. You are asked to provide basic information like your contact details, your closest Sam Ash location if you bought it at Sam Ash, and how much you want for the item.

You will then have to fill in details specific to the item. Details like brand and model number, the condition it is in, its age, and any modifications that might have been done to it.

You will then also have to provide detailed photos of the item. You will then be sent an estimate for the item, or be contacted for more information.

In Store

If you want to sell an item directly at a store, you simply have to take the item or items to your nearest Sam Ash. There, an employee will inspect the gear you want to sell and give you an estimate.

Note that any items you wish to sell has to be in 100% working condition. You also have to take the items to your local Sam Ash, even if you filled in the online form to get a quote.

How Does Sam Ash Determine the Value of an Item?

This depends on a variety of factors. There isn’t a flat rate that Sam Ash or any other store pays for certain items.


Likely the biggest factor in what they will pay, and if they even buy an item, is the condition it is in.

Any store will require that an item is in a 100% working condition. That means that it switches on and plays as is expected.

They will then look at the physical condition of an item. Any scratches, dents, markings of any kind will reduce the value of an item.

An item with zero marks, that looks brand new, will sell for much more than an item with a bunch of scratches. Even one small dent can lower the value by a few dollars.


Next up is the actual value of an item. This is usually determined by looking at the same or similar item and its price brand new, as well as the current price of the item secondhand. Stores will usually look at completed eBay sales of the item to gauge its secondhand value.

Of course, if an item has both a high new and secondhand price, you can expect to receive a larger amount for it. But if an item is only selling for a few hundred dollars or even less secondhand, you won’t be paid a whole lot for it.

How Much Does Sam Ash Pay?

Again, this is going to depend on the value of the item you are trying to sell. You also have to keep in mind that Sam Ash is going to want to resell the item.

That means that they aren’t going match the actual value of the item. Instead, they are going to offer you an amount below the current secondhand value, so that they can still make a profit later on.

There is no set amount that they offer below the value. They could offer you as little as 40% of the current value. You might get lucky and get 60% of what an item is worth.

A good rule of thumb is to expect around half of what an item is worth. That is, of course, if the item is still in very good condition.

So Why Sell to Sam Ash?

You might be thinking, “Why even sell to Sam Ash then? Why not sell on eBay or Reverb?” Well, the simplest answer is that you will receive money immediately.

There is also no risk of getting scammed by someone ‘buying’ an item but then disappearing without paying. Or maybe you just need to sell the item quickly because you need the money for one reason or another.


If you are looking to sell a piece of gear for what it is worth, selling it privately through eBay or Reverb is definitely the better choice. But if money isn’t your biggest concern and you simply need to sell some gear quick, then Sam Ash is a good option.

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