‘Music Oomph’ is Now a Part of Music Strive

Hello Music Strive family,

We are thrilled to announce that Music Strive has joined forces with another leading music website, Music Oomph. 

Music Oomph began its journey in 2019. It was founded by a few bandmates with a common passion for music. They published hundreds of informative guides, facts and lessons about guitars, bass, keyboards, and some more instruments. Over the coming months, we'll gradually migrate some of their best content over to our platform here on Music Strive.

I'm glad to also announce that we've managed to convince the lead author and editor of Music Oomph, Gavin Whitner to join our editorial team as a contributor of guitar and bass content. Apart from Music Oomph, his writing has been published on numerous other renowned online and offline music magazines such as Music Connection, Making Music Mag, Ditto Music, Audio Issues, Guitar Noise, Sonic Scoop, Performer Mag, and many more.  We're truly excited to welcome him as a contributor here!

Articles that'll be migrated from Music Oomph will have their original author byline and author information associated with them, so you'll have no trouble distinguishing them from our newly published posts by our present contributors.

If you're a Music Oomph reader, and just stumbled on this page and would like to know more about Music Strive, here are a few of our most notable articles. Happy exploring!

If you have additional questions about this merger, please get in touch with us via our contact page.