How to Find AirPods When They’re Dead / Offline – Complete Guide!

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AirPods and their case are so small it is very easy to lose or forget them while you’re going about your day. Thanks to Apple’s location tracking technology it is often easy to find them with GPS.

However, if the AirPods are dead or offline, finding them is much more challenging. Read on for some tips on how to find dead AirPods.

If you lost dead AirPods, use the location, notifications, and lost mode in the “Find My” app to help locate them. If this doesn’t work, try retracing your steps and checking your frequently visited places. If all else fails, you will need to buy new AirPods. Prevent misplaced AirPods with “Find My” app features, set storage places, and AirPods accessories.

How to Find Lost AirPods that are Offline or Dead

The location of your AirPods can usually be easily found with the “Find My” app. If the AirPods are dead or offline, however, this will not work. But all hope is not lost! Follow these steps to locate your offline AirPods.

Use the “Find My” App to See the Last Location

You can not use the “Find My” app to see their current updated location of dead AirPods. This does not mean that the app can’t still be helpful.

This app works through your phone’s Bluetooth connection to other devices. So, while it won’t be able to get current information for offline devices, it can be used to see the last known location.

If your Bluetooth was on and your phone was nearby when the AirPods were lost or misplaced, you could be in luck! Open the “Find My” app to see the last location of your AirPods before they went offline or died.

Open the “Find My” app and click on the “Devices” option in the lower menu. This should show all of your Apple devices that are connected to your iPhone. You should see your AirPods here as well as their last location and the time of the last location reading.

Using the location shown on the map you can check the last location. With any luck, they may still be there. If not, there are some more features in the “Find My” app that could still help you.

Turn On Notifications in “Find My” App

If you were still not able to locate your dead or offline AirPods with their last known location, you can still use the “Find My” app to hopefully help locate them

Go to the “Device” section of the app and click on your AirPods to open their menu. Under the “Notifications” section, switch on the toggle for “Notify When Found”.

With this turned on, you will receive a notification the next time the AirPods are connected to the internet. If someone finds your AirPods and charges them again, you will then be able to locate them.

Turn On Lost Mode in the “Find My” App

Another useful feature in the “Find My” app is the lost mode. Select your AirPods in the “Devices” section and scroll all the way to the bottom. Here you can tap to activate “Mark As Lost” for lost mode.

After activating lost mode, you will be prompted to enter your contact information. Provide your email and phone number where you can most easily be reached.

With lost mode turned on, if someone finds your AirPods and connects with them, your given contact information will be displayed on their device. Hopefully, they will then reach out to you and you can get your AirPods back!

Think of the Last Place You Used Them

If you have used all of the features in the “Find My” app listed above and still have no luck, you will need to search for your AirPods yourself. In this scenario, it is best to try to remember the last place that you used your AirPods.

Try to remember where you were or what you were doing. Sometimes even remembering what song you were listening to can help jog your memory. Open up your music app to see what was last playing to hopefully spark your memory.

If you can remember where you were last using them, you might also be able to find them there. Search this spot thoroughly to hopefully locate your AirPods.

Retrace Your Steps

If you notice that your AirPods are missing or lost within a day or two of the last time you used them, it is a good idea to retrace your steps. Think of where you went and what you did since the last time you used the AirPods.

Start with the last place you know that you had them or used them. If you can’t find them there, try to think of the next place you went. Continue through all of the places you went to hopefully track down your AirPods.

Check Places that You Frequent

If you are still not sure where you lost your AirPods or are not able to retrace your steps, search places where you frequently use your AirPods. It is most likely that they would be misplaced right after using them, so check the places where you usually listen to music.

Some examples of places they could likely be are the gym, your car, kitchen, office, or bedroom. It is also a good idea to check all of the bags, backpacks or purses that you have used recently. Look through every pocket and empty out the bags to be sure they aren’t hiding at the bottom.

Final Option: Get New AirPods

If all of the methods above don’t help you find your dead or offline AirPods, the final option is to purchase new AirPods. Apple offers replacements of single AirPods or cases for a lost fee. However, if you’ve lost the case and AirPods, you will need to purchase new ones at the regular price.

Tips for Not Losing Your AirPods

When you have found your AirPods again or purchased new ones, it is a good idea to take steps to avoid losing them again in the future. Especially if you tend to misplace items frequently, taking some preventative steps can save you lots of money and worry down the road!

Set Up Alerts for Left Behind AirPods

The “Find My” app isn’t only helpful when the AirPods are already lost! You can also use the app to receive notifications when you leave your AirPods behind. With this handy feature, you can look for and secure your AirPods right away before leaving them behind.

Select your AirPods in the “Device” section of the “Find My” app. In the “Notifications” section, click on “Notify When Left Behind”. When this feature is turned on, you will receive a notification any time you are too far from your AirPods.

To avoid getting pesky and unnecessary notifications every time you leave your AirPods at home, you can also set trusted locations in the app. When you leave your AirPods behind at a trusted location, you will not receive the separation notification.

When you turn on the “Notify When Left Behind” feature, a window with these trusted locations will be pulled up. The app will suggest some locations such as your home or office. Click to select any locations you would like.

To add a different location, click “New Location” under the “Notify Me, Except At:” menu. Then you can select any other trusted locations on the map or search for an address to add.

Connect Them to Your Other Devices via Bluetooth

Remember that the location services for your AirPods will only work when they are connected to another device via Bluetooth. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your AirPods are paired with your other devices.

When the devices have been paired, this connection will help you find their location when lost. To be sure they are paired correctly you can check for the AirPods in the “Bluetooth” section in “Settings”. You can also make sure that the AirPods show up under the “Devices” section in the “Find My” app.

Always Keep Them in the Same Place

It is also good practice to have a few places where you always keep your AirPods. This can help you narrow down your search tremendously when they are lost. Get in the habit of always placing the AirPods in the same location when you’re done using them.

Some ideas for storage places are a specific pocket in your backpack or purse, a shelf in your bedroom, your nightstand, a compartment in your car, or a drawer in your desk.

Get an AirPod Case Cover

AirPod case covers help to prevent losing or misplacing them. AirPods and the cases they come in are pretty small and easy to lose track of. Try attaching a bright-colored case like this to make them easier to notice.

A case with a keychain attachment is especially helpful for anyone who likes to take their AirPods on the go. Clip the keychain to the inside of your bag or purse to keep it from falling out or getting lost.

Even if you won’t attach it to a bag, the keychain can be attached to any larger object or accessory to make the AirPods harder to lose.

Final Thoughts

Even if your AirPods are dead or offline when you lose them, you are not hopeless! Using the steps above you can locate the AirPods and prevent losing them again.

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