6 Best Strings for Telecaster – Squier / Fender Tele Guitars

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Since it was first developed by Leo Fender in 1950, the Telecaster has had an influence that very few electric guitars come close to. Regardless of the particular incarnation you own, choosing the best strings for your Telecaster is essential.

Telecasters are renowned for their flat asymmetric single-cutaway body design, and their warm, jangly tone. In this article, I’ll point you in the direction of the best guitar strings to enhance the performance of your Tele.

6 Best Strings for Telecaster Guitars

Ernie Ball strings are hugely popular amongst guitarists across all styles. The 2221 Regular Slinky set is perfectly suited to a Telecaster. Perhaps this compatibility is rooted in the rich history of Ernie Ball and Fender.

One of the best qualities of a Tele, whether it is a genuine Fender or Squier model, is its ability to switch between rhythm and lead parts. To do so effectively, you need strings that combine smooth playability with a little resistance.

This Ernie Ball set provides both of these attributes. They are constructed using nickel-plated steel wire, which layers a tin-plated hexagon-shaped steel core. These materials combine to create a blend of durability and comfort.

Sonically, the 2221 string set produces a well-balanced output. The bass end is crisp and tight, while the mid and treble frequencies of the Telecaster receive an extra ounce of sparkle, thanks to these high-quality strings.


  • 10-0.46 gauge range
  • Wall balanced tone
  • Made from quality materials
  • Great for rhythm and lead Tele players


  • None

D’Addario’s NYXL0164 strings are a great choice for Telecaster players. The NYXL range has built a reputation amongst guitarists, with many praising their ability to bend further, and hold tuning remarkably well.

The Telecaster's unique body and neck design are iconic, to say the least. However, it isn't just aesthetically pleasing– it also stays in tune better than the majority of electric guitars. The NYXL strings enhance this quality.

To construct this set of regular light strings, D'Addario has used its years of expertise in the field. They employ a high carbon steel core which is subjected to a unique process, known as the "fusion twist".

Although it may sound like a gimmick, the fusion twist adds more magnetic properties to the NYXL strings, which provides a dynamic boost across the frequency range and more presence, especially in the mids.

For strings that bring out the bite in your Telecaster, the D’Addario NYXL0164s are recommendable. The slight increase in midrange presence allows you to dig in and produce crunching chords and soaring solos.


  • 10-0.46 gauge range
  • Adds extra midrange presence and crunch
  • Enhances tuning stability
  • Great for bending notes farther


  • None

Who could know the Telecaster better than its originator, Fender? Tapping into their wealth of knowledge gained from over half-a-century producing the iconic guitar, they have designed some perfectly suited strings to get the best out of it.

In some ways, it is a blessing and a curse that Fender is so famous for being a guitar and amp manufacturer. It could be argued that their notoriety in this field leads many musicians to overlook their strings, which are also of the highest standard.

The Super 250s are ideally suited to a Tele for several reasons. Firstly, their light gauge reduces the tension on your fingers and allows for fast, expressive playing. The round-wound design makes them smooth and highly playable.

The 250s are nickel-plated. This provides some much-needed balance, as light strings do tend to snap more easily. The reinforcement provided by the nickel coating minimizes the risk of this happening.

With smartly designed ball-ends, it’s easy to install the Super 250s on your Telecaster. This addition allows you to quickly swap your old strings from a fresh new pair that will sound excellent with your Tele.


  • Gauge range of .009-.042
  • Round wound design
  • Nickel-plated steel core


  • Light gauge strings are prone to breaking fairly easily

The PHR-10 Pure Blues by DR Strings are a set of quality handmade electric guitar strings. Meticulously designed to inspire the best tones out of guitars like the Telecaster, the PHR-10s are a solid option.

The timeless genre of blues boasts a rich history of excellent electric guitar tones. To make the PHR-10s well suited to that style, DR Strings has used a retro construction process that promotes a vintage warmth.

This process consists of the round core being wrapped in a pure nickel wire and results in enhanced sustain, an authentically vintage tone, and a boost in the low-end frequencies.

The lower registers of a Telecaster are one of its strongest aspects, so naturally, it sounds great when paired with the PHR-10s.

Sustain is arguably the most sought after quality for Telecaster guitarists who predominantly play lead lines, melodies, and solos. The construction of this set ensures that you get the longest note-tail possible.

The PR-10 Pure Blues strings also produce an impressive punch in the mid-range frequencies. Their medium gauge makes the strings resistant to breakage under the pressure of intense rhythm guitar playing, too.


  • Gauge ranging from .010 - .013
  • Round wound design
  • Hand-crafted
  • Excellent sustain and low-end clarity


  • Less suited to intricate guitar styles

Ernie Ball’s 2723 Super Slinky Cobalt strings were designed to maximize tonal clarity and dynamic output. To achieve this, Ernie Ball used an interesting technique when formulating the 2723 strings.

Featuring a new alloy construction, these strings are sure to increase the output of your Tele. They also boast superior longevity in comparison to standard-formulated strings, due to their unique design.

Ernie Ball constructs their Cobalt strings using a special iron/cobalt mixture. This combination attracts the magnets that are installed within your Telecaster’s pickups, thus significantly boosting the output.

In addition to the increased power and dynamic range, the 2723 Cobalt strings are also highly playable. Your fretting fingers will have no issue creating the necessary tension to play complex chord shapes or fast runs.

Ernie Ball's strings are hugely popular amongst guitarists for their combination of smoothness and sonic benefits. The 2723s offer articulate highs, improved focus in the midrange, and sweet harmonics throughout.


  • High-output strings
  • Improved longevity
  • Unique iron/cobalt combination attracts a Telecaster’s pickup magnets
  • Increased midrange focus


  • None

When designing the Optiwebs, Elixir Strings set out to produce their best feeling and sounding strings to date. The idea behind them is to cater to guitarists who desire the feel and tone offered by an uncoated string.

To make this a reality, they used an unorthodox construction method. The strings were specially engineered to promote vibration as much as possible while ensuring that grip wasn't compromised in the process.

If you like to combine rhythm and lead playing on your Telecaster, the Optiweb strings may well be the best option. They provide a good blend of smooth playability, tension, and tonal balance.

Sonically, the Optiweb strings extract every ounce of brightness out of a Telecaster. In the low-end, they produce crisp and tight tones, while the midrange is blooming with color.


  • Gauge ranges from 0.10-0.46
  • Balanced and bright tone
  • Very comfortable to play


  • A light gauge makes these strings susceptible to breaking

Telecaster String Gauges

When a guitarist wants to improve their tone, often the first thing they consider changing is the amplifier and guitar combination that they use. These are undeniably important aspects, but the impact that strings have on both sound and playability shouldn’t be underestimated.

The standout quality of a Fender or Squire Telecaster is its ability to sound great across a wide selection of styles and genres. However, without choosing the right strings, the iconic guitar will fail to maximize its potential.

When choosing strings for your Tele, there is one main consideration that needs to be made. You need to decide on the right gauge for your playing style. Gauge essentially describes the thickness of the strings, and range from extra light to extra heavy.

If you predominantly play chord patterns and melodies on your Telecaster, then you should probably opt for lighter-gauged strings. This will reduce the tension on your fretting hand, and produce a brighter tone.

If, on the other hand, you like to crank up the gain and shred out riffs and solos, then thicker-gauged strings are likely to be your best option.

If you fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes and perhaps don’t strictly stick to one style of playing, medium or regular strings will provide you with a good balance.

Final Thoughts

Telecasters are beautiful instruments, so ensuring that you choose the best possible strings to install on the guitar is essential if you want to enjoy its full capabilities. All of the options in this article will enhance the tone and playability of your axe.

When you replace the strings on your Telecaster, it also provides a good opportunity to clean the fretboard using lemon oil or another product designed for that purpose.

There’s nothing better than a polished guitar with a new set of strings installed!

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