Best Home Recording Studio Packages / Bundles (2021)

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Home recording studio packages and bundles contain all of the essential components you need to start making music. They save you the hassle of acquiring each piece of equipment individually.

Although the included items in these studio packages may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, they all include essential tools and devices for recording, playback, and mixing. I’ll present the best bundles available in this detailed guide.

Best Home Recording Packages - Top Studio Bundles

With all of the equipment you need to start recording, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio Bundle is a great choice, regardless of your experience level. The flagship device in this package is the hugely popular 3rd generation USB audio interface.

The Scarlet 2i2 interface features a pair of upgraded mic preamps for the cleanest recordings possible. The 24-bit/192kHz AD/DA converters perform flawlessly, and the preamp gain structure has been optimized for enhanced tonal clarity.

The main factor behind the undeniable popularity of the Focusrite Scarlett interface is its impeccably low latency. You can rely on the fact that this interface will record microphones or line-level instruments without any detrimental lag occurring.

Focusrite has also installed their acclaimed Air Mode on the Scarlett 2i2, which is modeled on the legendary ISA console transformer. This addition gives your instrument and vocal recordings a clearer, more open sound.

In addition to the high-performance audio interface, you also get the Scarlett Studio CM25 MkII condenser microphone. With its cardioid pickup pattern and extensive frequency response, this mic is perfect for recording vocals and acoustic instruments.

A set of high-quality closed-back headphones are also included in this studio package. The HP60 MkII headphones provide commendable noise isolation and prevent any spill from discreetly making its way into your recordings.

Generously, Focusrite has thrown in some very useful accessories to complete the bundle. There’s a 3-meter microphone cable, a cable for connecting the headphones, and the necessary power cables for the interface.

The software bundle includes Ableton Live Lite, a choice of XLN Audio’s Addictive Keys VST plugins, access to the wide-ranging Focusrite plug-in library, and three month’s free membership to the professional sample hub, Splice.


  • Includes 3rd generation Scarlett 2i2 USB audio interface
  • High quality, cardioid condenser microphone
  • Closed-back headphones with good noise isolation
  • Access to an array of software including Splice and Ableton Live Lite


  • Doesn’t include studio monitors

The AudioBox 96 by PreSonus includes everything you need to get your home studio up and running. With studio monitors, an audio interface, headphones, a microphone, and more, you’ll be able to start recording right away.

The included audio interface is the USB AudioBox 96. Capturing recordings in pristine 24-bit/96kHz quality, this device is worthy of being the central component of your home recording studio.

Also included in this package is an M7 – a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that is great for capturing all vocal styles and a plethora of instruments. When it comes to mixing the audio, PreSonus has got you covered.

Mixing and processing in headphones are not ideal, as you miss out on hearing many aspects of the stereo field. That’s why PreSonus has included the good quality Eris 3.56 studio monitors in this bundle.

For monitoring and mixing silently, you also get HD7 closed-back headphones. With a stellar bass response and crisp highs, these headphones are ideal for listening to your audio as it goes into the USB interface.

The AudioBox 96 interface features a pair of preamplifiers which each have combo inputs. This means they can be used for either line-level instruments or any type of microphone.

There’s onboard +48v phantom power for condensers, and each input has its gain control so that you can tailor the signal strength before it reaches your DAW. Speaking of DAWs, you get the complete Studio Magic Plug-in Suite as part of this comprehensive studio bundle.


  • Detailed large-diaphragm condenser
  • Pair of studio monitors
  • Closed-back headphones
  • High-quality audio interface with dual preamplifiers


  • None

The Mackie Studio Bundle provides you with everything you need to create high-quality recordings. The package is centered around the Big Knob Studio 3x2 USB interface, a highly capable and versatile recording device.

This high-resolution audio interface is equipped with several features for streamlining the recording process. Firstly, there are dedicated buttons that allow you to toggle between the three input sources.

Mackie has also included two Onyx mic preamps, a pair of headphone outputs, and Talkback functionality. This feature is great for controlling your monitors while recording in real-time.

Also included in the Mackie Studio Bundle is a pair of CR3-X Multimedia monitors. These speakers produce a balanced output, with plenty of low-end power and decorative highs.

For recording vocals or instruments, there’s also the inclusion of the EM-91C large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Equipped with a shockmount and desktop stand, it’s ready to use as soon as you unbox it.

Then, you also get the MC-100 closed-back headphones. Coupled with the talkback feature on the USB audio interface, these headphones are ideal for monitoring your recordings.

Additional accessories include a ¼ inch headphone adapter, two XLR cables, one TRS cable, one RCA cable, and a USB cable. There’s also a live microphone in the form of the EM-89D dynamic which comes with a clip and carrier pouch.


  • High quality 3x2 USB audio interface
  • Variety of cables including XLR, RCA, and TRS
  • Studio condenser and dynamic live microphones
  • Crisp CR3-X Multimedia monitors


  • None

When it comes to producing affordable recording equipment, few manufacturers do it better than Behringer. Their U-Phoria studio package includes all of the necessary components for getting started.

If you’re aiming to record professional quality vocals, the Behringer C-1 condenser microphone will be a welcome addition. Designed to capture the human voice with precise accuracy and detail, this cardioid mic rejects unwanted noise very capably indeed.

For monitoring purposes, Behringer has included a pair of high-quality headphones in this bundle. The HPS5000s feature comfort-enhancing ear cups and high-performance cobalt capsules for crisp listening.

The U-Phoria UM2 interface makes recording a monitoring a breeze. This compact unit includes a combination of TRS/XLR input, with a pro-grade XENYX mic preamp. Whether you’re recording music, podcasts, or streaming live, this interface can do it all.

Also included in this studio starter pack are several vital cables. There’s an XLR for connecting microphones to the interface, and a USB cable to hook it up to your computer or laptop.

You also get a swivel mount for mic stability and a headphone adapter. The interface offers direct monitoring, +48v phantom power, and secondary instrument input for recording guitar, bass, or keyboards.


  • Includes all of the hardware needed for recordings
  • High quality, closed-cup headphones
  • Capable condenser microphone for vocal recordings
  • Compact USB audio interface with multiple inputs


  • No studio monitors included in the package

Steinberg’s range of premium quality instruments and recording gear is extensive, to say the least. With their UR22C Recording Pack, they have bundled together several reliable devices to form the foundation of your home studio setup.

The three main components included in this package are the UR22C USB audio interface, the ST-M01 condenser microphone, and the ST-H01 headphones. You also get all of the necessary cables and accessories for recording.

Firstly, the included audio interface offers high-quality 32-bit recording. It contains a pair of mic/line combo inputs, with phantom power available on both. It also facilitates direct monitoring and is compatible with PC or Mac devices.

The condenser microphone is ideal for capturing crisp vocal takes or acoustic instruments. It also performs well when placed in front of a guitar amplifier. With a wide frequency response, it is a versatile addition to your home studio.

The ST-H01 studio monitor headphones are both accurate and reliable. They provide a detailed sonic reproduction and simplify the mixing process. To set all of these devices up, you can refer to the included startup guide which explains it all step by step.

To complete this studio bundle package, Steinberg has included free access to Cubase and Cubase LE. You also get access to the WaveLab LE, which can be used to edit your recordings and add effects.


  • High quality ST-H01 monitoring headphones
  • Easy to use USB interface with preamps and phantom power
  • Free access to multiple recording software
  • ST-M01 condenser microphone


  • No speakers or monitors included

If one of the main reasons you need a recording setup is to capture high-quality vocal tracks, the M-Audio AIR Vocal Studio Pro might be the perfect option for you. Designed specifically for recording the human voice, this package includes several useful devices.

At the heart of the Vocal Studio Pro is the reliable AIR192|4 audio interface. Boasting two channels of clean 24-bit/192kHz audio and a low-noise Crystal preamp, you can record instruments and vocals with exceptional quality.

The interface also has a hi-z input for directly routing guitars and keys into your chosen DAW. The ultra-fast USB-C connection produces just 2.59ms of latency, making it incredibly quick to process your recordings.

For monitoring and playback, M-Audio has included the HDH40 headphones in this studio package. With brilliant noise rejection and isolation of the sound source, these can be utilized with the USB interface’s Direct balance control for reliable monitoring.

The included microphone is ideally suited to capturing vocals of all styles, tones, and timbres. A large-diaphragm condenser mic, the Nova Black has an extended frequency response and impressive SPL handling capabilities.

Finally, you also gain access to several high-end recording software. Pro Tools First, Ableton Live Lite, and Avid’s Eleven Lite guitar and effects suite are all included. If that’s not enough, there’s also 2GB of loops and several VST plugins free with this package.


  • High-speed USB connection
  • Large-diaphragm condenser for vocal recordings
  • High-quality mic preamps
  • Generous supply of software and VST plugins


  • Lacks monitors

Rode’s reputation as one of the leading producers of recording equipment is unquestionable. Their microphones are a staple of professional studios all around the world and for good reason.

Their Complete Studio Kit is exactly what the name suggests. It includes a generous selection of devices to simplify the recording process and help you to capture high-quality audio into your DAW.

The well-rounded NT1 condenser microphone is suitable for a wide range of recording applications. It boasts a minimal amount of self-noise, 4.5dBA to be precise, The specialized suspension technology also minimizes any unwanted bass tones.

Then there’s the RODE Ai-1 audio interface. Featuring USB-C connectivity, this device is compatible with all modern computers and laptops. It offers balanced outputs, high-quality preamps, and a headphone amp for mixing and monitoring.

Also included with this home recording studio package are several accessories. The SRM combination shock mount and pop shield ensure the best performance from the NT1 mic, while a high-quality XLR capable is also part of the set.


  • Brilliant NT1 condenser microphone for vocals or instrument recording
  • Easy to operate audio interface
  • Pop shield and shockmount included
  • Zero-latency monitoring


  • No headphones included in the bundle

Home Recording Studio Packages – The Essentials

The contents of studio bundles vary depending on the manufacturer. Before you decide which package to opt for, you must ensure that it includes everything you need to start recording.

If you’re mainly focused on producing music using a DAW, with VST instruments and plugins forming the main body of your work, then you will need some studio monitors and an audio interface with at least one input.

If your recordings are likely to feature more live instruments and vocal takes, you’ll need an interface that offers direct monitoring and a good pair of headphones, along with a capable condenser microphone.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about recording studio bundles is that they save you the time and effort of searching for each component individually. If you need to start recording quickly, these packages are a great option.

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