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Choosing the best bass guitar strap to suit your requirements isn’t just an aesthetic gimmick. Indeed, it can improve the appearance of your bass, but it also enhances playing comfort.

A good quality strap allows you to play for longer, without fatigue becoming an issue. If you like to move around the stage a lot, having a strong, comfortable bass strap is essential.

8 Best Straps for Bass Guitar

LM Products boast an admirable ascent to the well-respected strap manufacturers that they are today. Originating in a basement in the 1970s, they’ve expanded throughout the decades to become one of the most popular strap producers for guitar and bass.

The X-Clef has been constructed to maximize comfort and durability. It also looks the part, with its brown suede leather finish, vintage design, and quite an impressive attention to detail. 

Although you could technically use the X-Clef with a guitar, LM Products has made it quite clear that this is intended for bass. The bass clef cut-out is a pretty self-explanatory indicator in that regard!

Exceptionally comfortable and forgiving on the shoulder, the X-Clef has a padded 1-inch foam core, which is coated in a distressed leather alternative. It also features an authentic top that is made from suede leather.

For tailoring the length of the strap to suit your needs, you can simply use the length adjuster which is located on the tail. The X-Clef is great at evenly distributing weight, thanks largely to the expanded 3.5-inch width.


  • Top made from genuine suede leather
  • Handcrafted
  • Bass clef cutout
  • Evenly distributes weight across your shoulders


  • None

With almost half a century of experience in strap production, Levy's Leathers has built a reputation for premium bass and guitar accessories. With a multitude of straps made from a range of high-quality, comfortable materials, it's easy to see why they are so popular.

The MSS2 Leather Bass Strap features a stylish black design with the trademark Levy’s Leather logo embedded in classic brown. Although it certainly looks the part, the real standout quality of this strap is its comfort.

For the front and back, Levy’s has used the luxurious material, garment leather. Known for its robustness and longevity, this choice ensures that the MSS2 will withstand many years of use.

The adjustable measurements cater to bassists of all sizes and requirements. With a minimum length of 37 inches, it is suitable for those with smaller shoulders, and for broader bassists, it stretches to 51 inches.

For the inner padding, Levy's has used a soft and absorbent foam layer. This material hugs the shoulder and keeps the weight evenly spread out so that you can play bass for hours without feeling fatigued.


  • High-quality leather bass strap
  • An absorbent inner foam cushion layer
  • A classy, understated design
  • Adjustable size of 37”–51”


  • None

If you’re looking for simplicity, the Padded Woven Strap by D’Addario is a worthy choice. Its minimalistic black design ensures that it won’t detract any attention from your bass playing or performing skills.

Although D’Addario is best known for their premium range of guitar and bass strings, they also produce a plethora of straps and other instrument accessories. The Padded Woven Strap is another example of their excellent quality.

This bass strap is made to stand the test of time. It ensures that the weight of your instrument is balanced across the whole width, and prevents your stamina from being unnecessarily drained, so that you can focus solely on your performance.

The adjustable length of the Padded Woven Strap spans from 43 inches to 58 inches. This wide range makes it suitable for basically all musicians, regardless of their preferences or broadness.

The generous 3-inch width helps to spread the weight of the instrument consistently, and with a thick cushioned padding, it won't cause friction on the shoulders. The adjustable mechanism is quick and easy to use.


  • All-black design
  • Cushioned padding for comfort
  • 43”-58” adjustable size
  • Width of 3”


  • For larger bass guitars, this strap may lack adequate cushioning

The SoloStrap Neo by Gruv Gear is a truly exquisite bass strap, which blends a classy, elegant appearance with ultimate comfort and feel. Gruv Gear is renowned for its meticulous design and construction process, which is evident with this strap.

The outstanding comfort of the SoloStrap Neo is a direct result of the materials used. Firstly, the double-layered neoprene softly cushions your shoulder, then the fax leather coating improves the durability.

This strap is rugged as they come. It's the type of strap that could last for decades, provided it is looked after. Despite this durability, absolutely none of the comfort has been compromised, which is a credit to the design and construction process.

The most important quality to look for in a bass strap is invisibility. I’m not talking about sorcery here, but rather that a good bass strap should make you forget that you’re even wearing it!

The SoloStrap Neo is so comfortable that you do genuinely forget it's there. This leaves you with an excess of energy to focus on your bass playing, performance skills, or interacting with the audience.

In terms of dimensions, Gruv Gear has designed this strap with a minimum length of 38 inches, and a maximum of 50 inches. Its width is extensive, at 4 inches. This ensures maximum playing comfort, no matter how bulky your bass guitar is.


  • 4” wide
  • Understated black design
  • Exceptionally durable and robust
  • Double-layered neoprene cushioning


  • None

Ernie Ball's expertise in the field of guitar and bass accessories is unrivaled. Although their range of brilliant strings is undoubtedly their most popular offering, they also produce some high-quality bass straps, like the Polylock.

With non-modding strap locks and a padded cushion design, the Neoprene Polylock is a great choice for energetic bassists. It has been extensively tested to ensure security that is fit for dynamic performers.

Perhaps the standout feature of this bass strap is the patented Ernie Ball Polylock ends. This smartly-designed mechanism clips onto your instrument, and instantly self-secures itself.

To remove the strap, you simply release the mechanism and it comes off. The 3-inch wide Neoprene cushioning is great for evenly distributing weight across a bassist's shoulders, and is suitable for even the heaviest of instruments.

The length can be adjusted from 46 inches to 54 inches, and the Polylock strap is compatible with acoustic and electric guitars in addition to bass. It has a vintage appearance with the classic Ernie Ball logo embedded on one end.


  • Cushioned Neoprene design
  • Designed to reduce back and shoulder strain
  • Suitable for guitars and bass
  • Unique Polylock mechanism for extra security


  • Some users report a lack of adequate adjustable size

KLIQ are known for their innovative products, and the AirCell is a fine example of this. A uniquely-designed bass strap, it features a neoprene pad with a width of 3 inches, and an adjustable length ranging from 49 inches to 61 inches.

This generous length range makes the AirCell a perfect choice for bassists of all sizes and preferences. It’s ideal for taller musicians, particularly those who like to wear their bass  low.

Aircell Technology provides ultimate playing comfort. Designed to reduce the burden on your shoulder and back, the strap has air-filled cells littered throughout, which sit comfortably on the shoulder.

This process of trapping air inside the specialized materials allows the strap to smoothly sit across the shoulder and reduces tension on your clothes and skin. It also creates gaps where air can pass through to avoid you getting too hot on stage.


  • Unique AirCell Technology
  • Extra-long adjustable size
  • 3” neoprene padding
  • Perfect for taller bassists or those who like to wear their instrument low


  • None

Perri’s Leathers boast a rich history of the guitar and bass straps. Formed in 1998, they have gradually grown into a respected manufacturer that is trusted by musicians all over the world.

This Suede Strap features a minimalistic, vintage design. It has a worn finish that adds authenticity. It's hand-made and you can really tell that there has been a lot of thought put into the construction of this strap.

The strap is also very easy to attach to a bass or guitar. Its attachment holes expand to suit the instrument and then provide enough tension to hold it in place. Even the most dynamic of performers will feel secure wearing this Suede strap.

The width of the strap is 2.5 inches, and it has an adjustable length ranging from 43 inches to 56 inches. The inner layer of the strap has a sheepskin pad, which provides the necessary comfort for long playing sessions.


  • Easy and quick attachment
  • Sheepskin cushion pad
  • Handcrafted for ultimate quality
  • Adjustable length of 43 inches to 56 inches


  • Not suitable for taller bassists

The Betty by MONO is a cushioned, comfort-promoting strap that is compatible with all basses and guitars. It is designed with highly robust materials to ensure longevity, even with constant usage.

The strap is also surprisingly lightweight and doesn't cause any unnecessary strain on your shoulders or back. It promotes 360-degree comfort, thanks to the extra-wide design which distributes the weight equally.

The Betty strap has an adjustable size ranging from 47 inches to 59 inches. It also has military webbing included and matte black steel hardware which is tough enough to withstand long, dynamic performances.

An interesting addition to the MONO Betty is the plectrum holder. This discreet pocket allows you to store your picks on stage, so that if you accidentally drop one you can quickly replace it and carry on playing.


  • Extra-strong strap
  • Useful plectrum pocket
  • Memory foam cushion for comfort


  • Slightly bulky and attention-grabbing appearance

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bass Strap

Although there are certainly more exciting pieces of equipment for bassists than their stras, their importance shouldn't be overlooked. Being comfortable on stage, recording, or rehearsing is essential.

The more comfortable your strap is, the easier it is to undertake long playing sessions. This will directly affect the amount of time you dedicate to practicing bass, due to the improvements in stamina and reduction of fatigue.

Choosing the right bass strap depends on a few factors. Firstly, you need to establish the ideal length that you like to have your strap set to. This will depend on your height, but also on your preferences.

Having a strap that is set too low or too high will significantly affect both your comfort and your playing ability.

In the past, I’ve picked up a friend’s bass and wondered how on earth they manage to play it with such a long strap. Likewise, I’m sure that they would think my strap was set far too short!

The second thing to consider is strap width. Most bass straps have either a 3 or 4-inch width. A 4-inch width is ideal for heavier bass guitars, as they evenly spread the weight across your shoulder and prevent you from getting tired.

The final consideration when choosing the best bass guitar strap for your requirements is the material that has been used to construct it. Most straps are made from a combination of materials to blend durability with comfort.

Inner cushioned laters are common and are usually made from foam or neoprene. The outer material needs to be more robust to ensure that the strap can handle the tension without breaking or slipping off your shoulder.


Choosing the right bass strap for your personal needs is essential in the long term. You can get away with playing bass using a poorly made strap for a little while, but it is likely to cause issues later down the line.

Hopefully, you've now got a clear idea of the type of bass strap that will provide you with ultimate comfort and stability!

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